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Bigger Sound, 16 channels and more features

Wonderfully Versatile and Easy to Use.
Carry it around as you talk or Set it down and walk away with wireless mic

Helpful everywhere!  School, Church, Tours, Parks, Family Reunion, Construction Site etc. Speak to
groups of up to 200 people.
Even with a whisper or soft voice, You can lead a group effectively!
Be heard louder and farther and avoid shouting and throat damage.


          Any of the 16 channels can be set as preferred to allow multiple systems to be used in ajoining
          rooms without interference, or they can be set so that one microphone can transmit to several

          Multiple controls allow you to fine tune the volume settings for the microphone and other input
          devices to get just the right blend of sound.  Master Volume Control and Wireless Receiver volume
          are on the WPA unit AND the Body Pack Transmitter, for the mic has it's own control.  This special
          feature allows to adjust the volume even when you and the mic are away from the speaker.

          An input jack lets you amplify CD and MP3 players and other sound devices.   Use the wireless mic
          to add voice-over or singing. A seperate mic jack also allows you to plug in common plug-in corded
          microphones too.

          Output jack lets you connect to a recording device to keep your speech or music for the future.
          Or, it allows you to hook up another WPA unit or sound system for wider coverage.


Fast charge in only 4 to 5 hours
Running time 5 to 8 hours depending on volume used
Includes:     Carry Bag w/shoulder strap
                     Built-in high power lithium battery and battery charger
                     AA batteries in transmitter

Material:         Sturdy black mosture resistant plastic case
Weight:           4.6 lb   ( 6.3 lbs with everything and in case )
Dimensions:  11" long x 6.25" wide x 8.25" high
Warranty:       1 year limited

Manufactured by: KEC Innovations

Made in Singapore    

61022   $ 570.00      WPA-3516 Amplifier, 
                                  includes Handheld wireless mic w/build-in transmitter

61023   $ 590.00      WPA-3516 Amplifier,
                                   includes Headband mic and Bodypack transmitter

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