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Purchasing through a DME Dealer

Finding a dealer for our products

Some people may need to have thier Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid pay for their purchases.   In this case you will need to find a dealer in your area to purchase the products and re-sell to you and bill your insurance.

Some Durbable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers, medical supply stores or pharmacys have purchased our products.
Most do not keep them in stock and only order them each time a patient requires them.

Don't worry if you cannot find any place in your area that has purchased from us before. We are willing to set up an account and sell the products to nearly any DME dealer, Medical Suppy Store or Pharmacy that is willing to order the products in for you.

Simply give them our telephone number and tell them the name or catalog # of the products you need and have them contact us.
We will go over the products and billing codes with them, so they can decide whether they will consider ordering the product for you.

You can also try national medical supply chains.  Some have already purchased from us.  You may still have to have the product shipped to you from out of state, but at least you might get it covered through your insurance

Please Remember - Their prices may differ from ours, especially if they provide extensive personal service, instruction and/or if they handle Medicare, Medicaid and/or insurance.

Our prices and purchase policies apply only to Luminaud. Those quoted by any dealer are entirely his/her own.

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