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C-R Adaptations

People with good tongue and lip control, when using head-mounted tone generators, may learn to push tube end out of the mouth when they do not need to speak for a period of time and pull it back in to talk. Others may have to have the tube end in the mouth at all times until removed by a caregiver.

Those who can use a regular Cooper-Rand or other artificial larynx usually do not find these adaptations more convenient for daily living, handcrafts or work. The adapted units are much more likely to be useful for those who do not have the hand or arm mobility to use a regular artificial larynx or for those whose jobs require the use of the voice and both hands at the same time.

EXTENDED-GRIP TONE GENERATOR - may be helpful to those with a weak grip, poor hand control arthritis or sensitive fingers. The exterior is plastic, with an offset shape to help prevent it from slipping out of the hand. The large “mushroom” button requires very little pressure and may be pushed with a finger or with other parts of the hand using a squeezing action. 3 ½" (9cm) long and 1 ½" (4 cm) in diameter. Weighs about 2 ½ oz. It will accept any Cooper-Rand cord and the moisture filter. A lanyard chain, cord or ribbon may be attached and placed around the wrist or neck or belt to prevent dropping.

60031 - $210.00  Extended-Grip Tone Generator only
60002 - Complete Cooper-Rand with extended-grip TG instead of regular TG

C-R LIMITED MOTION TONE GENERATOR ATTACHMENT has the on/off switch separated from the tone generator. The TG can be mounted for easy mouth access and the switch can be placed in an area where there is some usable movement of hand, arm, shoulder, toe, foot, knee or head. The illustration shows a typical hook-up using an armband switch. The C-R limited motion attachment includes: over-the-head band with a tab at the temple to use on either side of the face, TG with clip to attach to the headband tab (or to eyeglasses bow, gooseneck, sweatband, etc.), T-connector to plug into the C-R pulse generator, several long, bendable capped tubes, and a connecting cord.
Does not include switch. A switch may be chosen from those marked with a (*) on our switches list. Or any other brand or type of switch with a quick off/on action and an 1/8' mini-plug may be used.

60042 - $185.00  Limited Motion Attachment Only - no switch included
60005 - Complete Cooper-Rand with Limited Motion Attachment - no switch included

C-R PUFF-CONTROLLED TONE GENERATOR   A small puff - or “poof” - of mouth air into the tube turns the sound on, another puff turns it off. No lung air is required to operate the sensitive latching pneumatic switch. The Puff Controlled Tone Generator is a 1 ½ oz. plastic box 2" (9 cm) long, 1 ½" (3.7 cm) wide, 1" (2.5 cm) high. A tab on the back clips to an over-the-head hand (included) or can be clipped to an eyeglasses bow, a gooseneck or a sweatband. Very easy to hook up. Includes connector cord and long bendable tubes. Extra practice may be needed for best possible intelligibility - the need to puff the sound on/off affects ease of phasing - but most users will find the ability to communicate verbally well worth it.

60043 - $270.00  Puff-Controlled Attachment Only
60014 - $715.00  Complete Cooper-Rand with Puff-Controlled Attachment

C-R FOREHEAD SWITCH AND TONE GENERATOR  Developed at the suggestion of Eric Blom and other speech pathologists, was the first “No-hands” Cooper-Rand. Tone generator is mounted on a boom attached to an around-the-head band. The switch is mounted directly on the band and has a paddle which is taped to the forehead. Rising/relaxing the forehead muscles turns the sound on/off. Comfort and other medical hookups may prevent full time use - a few hours at a time is likely - but some people have used this device to provide all-day communication for years. Weighs 3 ½ oz. tubes, connecting cords included.

60040 - $220.00  Forehead Switch/Boom TG Attachment
60014 - $715.00  Complete Cooper-Rand with Forehead Switch Attachment

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