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"Bib Style" Filtering Covers

Buchanan Protector
by Sheffmed

Absorbent 1/8" white foam in a soft cotton mesh cover.

Especially good for cold and dusty areas.

Ties can be hand-tied or fastened with the Ezi-tie adjuster.

Can be washed several time by hand.

Large - 8 1/2"w. x 8"h
Small - 5 1/2"w. x 4 1/2"h

By Sheffmed, Made in England

38007   $ 12.00    Buchanan Protector - Lg
38008     $ 11.00    Buchanan Protector - Sm

Buchanan-Lite Protector
by Sheffmed

A thinner newer version of the regular Buchanan Protector, with a thinner, but more effective
inner layer of filter material enclosed in a breathable polyester non-woven fabric.

Soft and light-weight.   Ties can be hand-tied or fastened with the Ezi-tie adjuster.

By Sheffmed, Made in England

Large  -  8½" W x 8" H
Small  -  5½" W x 4½" H

Available in White, Beige and Dk Blue

38220    $ 12.00    Buchanan-Lite, White,      Large
38221    $ 12.00    Buchanan-Lite, Dk Blue,  Large
38222    $ 12.00    Buchanan-Lite, Beige,      Large

38230    $ 11.00    Buchanan-Lite, White,      Small
38231    $ 11.00    Buchanan-Lite, Dk Blue,  Small
38232    $ 11.00    Buchanan-Lite, Beige,      Small

DeltaNex - Buchanan / Cravat System
by Sheffmed

A versatile 3-way system to provide effective filtering and protection in an attractive system for Men or Women

DeltaNex Buchanan - Quality filter warms, filters and absorbes moisteure.  Made with absorbent foam in
                                   a cotton mesh cover with hook/loop fastener material to attach it to a Deltanex
                                   Neckband or DeltaNex Cravat  (See Deltanex Cravat)                  

                                     5"  x  5"

DeltaNex Neckband - poly cotten strap with hook/loop closure, used to hold the Deltanex Buchanan without
                                   the cravat.  Fits neck sizes up to 17"

The system can be worn 3 different ways:

                        DeltaNex Buchanan (Mini) Protector with a DeltaNex neckband   Great filtering to use 
                                                                       by itself around the house, at bedtime or under scarves,
                                                                       sweaters, or outerwear     (recommended)

                          Cravat with Buchanan DeltaNex Protector underneath.  For a fashionable look with
                                                                       quality flitering all in one system.        (recommended)
                                  ( See Cravat Buchanan page )
                         Cravat with only the Cravat backing
( See Cravat / Buchanan page )

By Sheffmed, Made in England

38100     $ 11.00     DeltaNex (mini) Buchanan

38002     $ 10.00     DeltaNex Neckband

38241    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Steel Grey
38242    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Plum
38243    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Navy Blue
38244    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Royal Blue
38245    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Black
38246    $ 22.00     DeltaNex Cravat - Nutmeg

Breathe-Easy Stoma Cover
By Luminaud

Our own design - economical, light weight and super absorbent.

Bib-styling in non-woven, non-linting rayon/polyester
(70% rayon, 30% polyester).

Twill ties can be hand-tied or fastened with a Slide Tie Lock. (see at bottom of page)

Great for hospital use - can be used once and thrown away
or hand washed for several reuses at home.

The size can be trimmed with scissors to a smaller if preferred.

Made in the USA.

63001    $ 10.00     Breathe-Easy Stoma Cover,    Pkg of 5
63002    $ 16.00     Breathe-Easy Stoma Cover,    Pkg of 10
63003    $ 35.00     Breathe-Easy Stoma Cover,    Pkg of 25   (comes with 1 Slide Tie Lock, shown below)

Slide Tie Lock

Use with Breathe-Easy or any other brand of stoma cover that has narrow ties.  Just squeeze and slide to hold ties firmly in place and at the ideal location for you.  No more fighting to tie strings, cords or ties behind your back.   Also great for hats with ties, such as sun hats or rain hoods.

63035       Pkg of 5         $ 3.00

Cardinal E-Z Breathe


For people who don’t want filter material directly in
contact with the stoma.

The white plastic frame holds and shapes the foam filter
so that it curves out away from the stoma and will not be
pulled against the stoma as you breath in. 
A metal chain
goes around the neck and holds the frame in place.

The foam offers very good filtering - breatheability,
absorption and moisture retention.

The E-Z Breathe us great under a shirt and tie, turtleneck,
high collar, or scarf - also under a soft shower collar.

Especially nice for people with trach tudes.
And the shape is ideal for automatic valve users, too.

22038   $ 16.00   Cardinal E-Z Breathe    ( Frame and Chain )  
63033   $ 26.00   Cardinal E-Z Breathe    ( 30pk foam, Frame and Chain )
22039   $ 34.00   Cardinal E-Z Breathe    ( 90pk foam )

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